MustHave provides a personalised shopping experience. The app acts as your stylist, learning your preferences and suggesting how to find the clothes that suit your style in a store.


Planning the design process and organising user interviews and tests. Designing the UI and UX for the app.


A team of three people with multidisciplinary backgrounds worked on this project, which lasted four months from March 2015 to June 2015.


Problem Space

Teens increasingly prefer to shop online rather than in stores.

– according to the Business Insider UK/ Piper Jaffray Companies –

How have shopping behaviours changed? Research was conducted to answer the question via primary and secondary research through multiple interviews. As the expectations of customers have evolved, profit from physical stores has decreased. Interestingly, the younger generation tends to use online shopping for purchases but enjoys in-store shopping as a social activity. They feel unprepared to make immediate decisions in a store because they cannot browse all available options to find their preferences. Additionally, they get style inspiration by following fashion bloggers rather than reading fashion magazines.


· Browsing fashions online is a routine behaviour.

· People seek a more interactive experience in physical stores.
The current in-store shopping experience does not fit the new shopping paradigm. Customers want a more customised experience. They are looking for a more interactive service that will help them to find their personal style in a physical store.

Idea Generation And Testing

How can we create more interactive shopping experience? We focused on a core design concept that matched virtual and physical shopping behaviours and provided a curated shopping experience. I explored various ideas, such as re-designing the structure of displays in shopping centres based on style rather than brand, designing an interactive browsing table and designing a mobile app to provide customised information. The selected ideas were tested with low-fidelity prototypes.

Matching Shopping Behaviour
in Virtual & Physical

Curated shopping experience through the linked service


Wireframe For App Design

An app that acts as a personal stylist was designed as a result of tests and user feedback. It connects with a database of the fashion bloggers and influencers that the user follows and helps to find items in a store that have a similar style. It provides customised shopping routes in the store, which provides a gamified shopping experience.

What I Learned

As new technology affects our daily lives, entire services must be re-designed to meet changing consumer habits. This project gathered insights about consumers’ behavioural changes to find design opportunities. Building a service that connects digital behaviour and the in-store experience required systemic design thinking and understanding the relevant data sets.